Time and Tru with Walmart

Hello, lovelies! I love getting and finding a great deal just as much as the next shopper, and I have to admit: I am impressed with Walmarts new trendy women's line- Time and Tru. 

They have really done their research on trends for this spring/summer and I am super happy with the quality. The price point they have placed these clothes absolutely astonishing. Nothing is over $20! We are thrown into a time when so many trends are coming and going, why, why, WHY spend unnecessary amounts of money on clothes you may not have for the next few years?? Bravo, Walmart
Here are my favorites from the line:

This off the shoulder top is perfect for summertime vacays and margaritas with girlfriends.

These jeans are dazzled with small stars on them- how precious for Memorial Day & the Fourth! 

Designer duper alert: laser cut wedges that resemble Jeffrey Campbells iconic wedge. 

I ordered these pants, and I cannot wait to pair these with a white v-neck and statement necklace (check the one down below).

I live for comfy tanks that let you remain casual but stylish.

A sweater under $14? Cold-shouldered to make it even cuter...what can I say?

This top is too cute for words and would be a dream for Easter & Mother's Day. 

I am obsessed with this swim top and plan on taking it with me to the Bahamas in a few months.

This top looks so much more expensive than it's price, I want one in every color.

Everyone needs comfy clothes, why not be stylish too? P.S. These are beyond soft. 

Obviously, fashion trends are telling us that off the shoulder isn't going anywhere, thank goodness because this trend is SO easy to wear. 

I love this athleisure top, either for the gym or bumming around the house.

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Rent The Runway With Me

This weekend I had the absolute honor to attend a Firehall Installation of officers and awards banquet. I have so many passionate friends that are volunteer firefighters, and I loved being able to see them amongst their peers. When finding an outfit to wear to such an event, I oftentimes will buy a dress locally, hope that no one else will wear it and repeat to myself.."I will wear this again". Which is always a lie. It will sit in the back of my closet, banished because it's already been worn and then it'll go in the donate pile. 

I've heard of Rent The Runway before. It's an online service that has over 100,000 different DESIGNER pieces to rent. You pick what outfit you want, when you need it and get a second sizing for free. They send it to you, you wear it and return it to them. They even take care of the dry cleaning. Also, highly recommended- spend the $5 on insurance- this will protect you from any spills or accidents. The process couldn't be easier.

This jumpsuit, which caught my eye right away, was the wonderful magic of my lovely lady, Jen. Upon seeing it, she said that was what I had to order...and boy, she was right on the mark. The designer was Lovers + Friends, and the jumpsuit name is the Justin jumpsuit. It was $35 to rent this outfit- you guys...$35!! Try finding a semi-formal dress for that price. Both sizes fit well, but I went with the medium because I wanted to wear high heels with it. This little outfit of magic was divine and I cannot begin to tell you all the kind words it garnered. I cannot wait to rent the runway again. Also, look for a promo code- upon signing up to the website or app- you will receive a 20% off code. Not a bad way to start off. If you're really booked with events for a month or so- you can also pay $99(limited time special) and get unlimited rentals for 1 month. That sounds amazing for wedding season coming up. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed! Have a great week! 

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Galentine's Day

*Shop all products down below: except the pizza, you're on your own with that. 

You guys! Galentine's Day is February 13th...who's ready to spoil their BFF's just because we can?👭 I couldn't care less if someone is in a relationship or not, life is all about celebrating the gal's that never leave your side, the ones who take random phone call's at 3am...the ladies who are ride or die with all of my your crazy ideas. Celebrate your GF's because honestly, why not? Every day that we're alive is a reason to celebrate something...why not have fun and celebrate the babe's your surrounded by?! Just have fun with life! 

Whether you're staying in and having take out while binge-watching chick flicks, wearing a sweatshirt that proclaims just who your bae is...or enjoying especially made Galentine's Day wine...let your GF's know how much you mean to them by showering them with a note of appreciation...a card...a scented candle made for this day. Let them get the best shut-eye with the BEST sleeping mask, ever! Cook them a skinny girl or divinely caloric meal and savor the laughs and memories you guys have made. Treat your gal-friend to a luscious bath bomb so she can forget about the day's worries. Surprise your friends with engraved bracelets, that have a special meaning to you guys. I did this for my gal's, and every time I put my bracelet on, it reminds me how lucky I am to have them. Stop by Bryan Anthonys page to check out the best of the best when it comes to BFF jewelry. The tribe necklace- immensely meaningful. Believe me, I'm aware that Galentine's Day isn't a real holiday, I just think it's beautiful to appreciate all those who have made your life better. The smallest gesture goes the longest way. Be kind. 💜

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Rapid Wrinkle Repair with Neutrogena

Happy Monday, folks! Did everyone have a great weekend? This week is going to be full of beauty posts and reviews, I've been testing so many products for you guys! Le's do dis'...

Neutrogena is a household name that most everyone has probably tried. The skincare heavyweight was founded in 1930 and is the number one Dermatologist recommended brand. I have used retinol products for just over ten years now, and there is no chance I'd stop. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that helps skin renew. Retinol facial creams can be prescribed by doctors, or you also can acquire low dose retinol creams in drugstores. When I heard about Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair regenerating cream, I was extremely interested to give it a try. This cream is a rich moisturizer that delivers the highest concentration of Accelerated Retinol deep in the skin's surface quickly and effectively. Accelerated SA is a unique combo of Retinol, glucose complex and hyaluronic acid. 

I followed the directions, and applied the cream twice a day, morning & night, to my face and neck after cleansing my skin. When applying the cream, you may experience a slight tingliness and with continued use, you may experience slight skin peeling. Throughout my month-long(results visible in one week) trial with this product, I didn't experience any of the above. I did, however, notice that my skin was smoother and the fine lines around my eyes were fading. I noticed that my undereye concealer was going on smoother and not settling anywhere. My skin responded well and was less dull and seemed fresher and brighter. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use this in my skincare routine. I have to admit, it's nice to have options at the drugstore that can perform like a prescribed product. In most drugstores, this will cost somewhere between $20-$30.  Use promo code RAPID20 for 20% off Rapid Wrinkle Repair at Neutrogena

Thank you to Neutrogena and BrandBacker.

Best Green Skinnies & Blush Bell Sleeves

Hey, Hey! The' This post is brought to you by my two favorite color families- green & pink.

These dark green skinnies are from the LOFT, and they are a great pair of pants to own. No belt is needed because they have one built in, which makes any shirt your tucking in, that much cuter and noticeable. These pants have a stretch to them, but will not stretch out. They are also mid- high rise on the waist- can you spell c-o-m-f-o-r-t? Shop online at the LOFT now for $50 off of $100! My bell sleeved blouse is from Francesca's and is marvelous- it has cutesy flower detailing here & there in the shirt, breaking the monotony of all one color. The front of the blouse also has some crisscrossing detailing, drawing the eye to the neckline. If you ask me, the best part of this blouse is the open bell sleeves. They are so great and add such flare to an otherwise basic blouse. My strappy ankle wedges are from DSW, and as I always say- you can never go wrong with a wedge. They, to me, are the most comfortable type of shoe and I will always gravitate towards them. These are a nice taupe/beige color, which blends in nicely with the green & blush, never stealing the eye away from the main focal colors of the outfit.

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