Dress Up Your Jean Routine

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Hi, everyone!! Did y'all have a great Memorial Day Weekend? Here's hoping you did.. I definitely did some damage online shopping, but when retailers are offering huge discounts, and free shipping/returns- I'm all about it! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’“

So, jeans- a staple in everybody's closet. We all have em', we all wear em', we all have our favorites. Just because your wearing jeans though, doesn't mean you have to always dress em' down.  Y'all- it's so easy to dress your jeans up for a night out..

Here's How:

→ Wear darker jeans to make it more sophisticated
→ Add a heeled shoe of any kind- think wedge espadrilles, heeled sandals & booties
→ Wear something blousy & feminine, usually in the opposite color of your jean's
→ Accessorize!! Add a statement necklace, dazzle your wrist's with some bracelet's, and make your fingers bling with a ring. Change up the purse or bag you normally carry and switch it for a fun clutch, something simple yet fun.
→ Roll or cuff your jean's so they aren't hiding your shoes, or make sure your jean's are flared just a bit at the bottom to keep the look streamlined and sophisticated

My sandal's are from Steve Madden, and they are so comfy! I've wanted to try the ankle strap trend, but the heel always threw me off balance and hurt my feet too much. When I saw these, I thought they might work because of the column heel- and what a difference it makes!! It supports your foot and doesn't apply too much pressure to the ball of you foot. WIN! πŸ’

Also, ever have a pair of jean's that started out great and stretched to a bigger size with one wear? I know I have, and it's so disappointing. I have figured out- never buy jean's that have a cotton percentage over 68%-70%. If you go above these percentage's, your jean's will stretch out within an hour or two. I always like to make sure my jean's have some sort of polyester, elastane or lycra percentage in them too- this help with the elasticity and keeps them from stretching out to a larger size. πŸ‘

How do you guys dress up your jean routine?

Kyle JillianπŸ’‹


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