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Raise your hand if you like to be tan without the sun damage🙆..

I present to you:

Y'all- I LOVE a great tan without having to damage my skin. This machine makes it incredibly easy- portable on vacations and goof proof! I hate to admit this, but many, many, MANY moons ago, I used to frequent indoor tanning locations. ::gasp:: I still can't believe I signed up for skin damage on purpose. What were any of us thinking? Anyway, I gave that up YEARS ago and many Dermatologist visits later. I've always wanted to have that tan glow when wearing summer clothes or while on vacation. There's just something about a tan, it makes everything look better! So, I am no stranger to sunless tanning products- believe me- I've tried them ALL. Supermarket sunless tanners circa the late 90's, anyone?!

I picked this machine up on sale on QVC. It came with the airbrush unit, 2 bottles of bronzing mist, and the applicator mitt. Not a bad start. The machine is easy to use, and pretty fail proof. You load the liquid into the machine, and use the fine mist to tan yourself. There really isn't much over spray, so don't worry if you are in a smaller area. I always do put a towel on the floor to stand on though(washes right up in the washing machine). 

The nozzle of the machine can be moved two ways, depending on what you're comfortable with and what part of the body you are spraying. The St. Tropez mist is bronze colored, so you can see where it goes. To make it extra fool-proof, I always use the applicator mitt after I spray myself in sections to rub it all in and get a seamless tan. 

This little miracle machine also has a warm air fan on it to keep you from getting chilled, and to dry you. One thing I won't kid you on- the mist is cold at first when your spraying, but trust me, you quickly get used to it. 

I have to admit, the St. Tropez bronzing mist might be okay for the average person who wants to be glowy but not super tan. If I'm going to sunless tan, I want it to be dark. After some research, I found some other brands of tanning liquids I would recommend if you'd like the same. 
I highly recommend the Tampa Bay Tan brand, especially the Mediterranean blend. It sprays purple-ish on your skin and quickly turns to a deep shade of sunless tan. This is only brand that has ever lasted one full week on my skin and didn't become blotchy on my elbows, knees etc. Another brand I highly recommend is the Norvell tanning liquids. They are dark and develop into a nice tan. Norvell didn't last as long as the Mediterranean blend did, but it was a great tanner. A Tampa Bay Tan sunless tanner I wouldn't recommend as much is the "Tanfastic" bottle. It goes on nicely, but the color payoff  isn't as spectacular, it's okay. 

Make it easy for yourself, and buy some cheap supplies to go with either your airbrush tanner, or a regular sunless tan using an applicator mitt. I prefer the applicator mitt from the company Loving Tan. The mitt is velvety smooth, and doesn't transfer to your hands.  I also like their exfoliating mitt. This exfoliating cloth from Target is better in my opinion in prepping your skin for the tan, and then removing the tan from your skin once your done with it. A shower cap helps protect your hair from getting sprayed while airbrushing, also. 

Also, if an at home airbrush unit isn't in your budget, this mousse is my next go-to. It's also by St. Tropez, its their dark bronzing mousse. It works pretty well, and I apply it with an applicator mitt. This mousse works okay when you keep it on for at least 8 hours, but sleeping in it is best for the tan. Also, to prolong the wear of your tan- make sure you lotion twice a day. Moisturized skin holds a tan better & longer.  

I hope this review of the St. Tropez unit helps you guys. How do you get golden for Summertime?

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