Favorite Hair Products


Hi, guys! Let's dive into hair products that I L-💜-V-E!!

Okay- so for starters- PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and stop washing your hair everyday, unless ya' know- your a guy with short hair- or you like stripped, greasy hair! Washing our hair everyday, which so many people feel inclined to do- strips our hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Our hair needs the natural oil it produces, and the more times you wash it, the more sebum(natural hair oil) will be produced. 

What do I do then??

Ease into the process of skipping days between washing your hair. If you normally wash everyday, then start by skipping one day, then wash, then skip 2 days, etc. Believe it or not- your body will adjust to less hair washing and actually create LESS sebum. It does take a couple of weeks for your body to balance out though, so insert: DRY SHAMPOO! 

Dry shampoo is essentially shampoo in powder form, sprayed out of an aerosol can. Mostly they spray out white(they do have dark tinted dry shampoo but it does transfer color onto your hands etc.)- which then blends into your hair(yes, even darker hair) as you massage the product in. The dry shampoo dries up the excess oil in your hair, leaves it smelling fresh and leaves it with more volume and texture. Most people use dry shampoo in the morning to start their day- but....
*Pro Tip -Spray dry shampoo into your hair at night. Hit all the spots that need to be cleaned up and wait a couple of minutes. Massage it into your hair and sleep on it. In the morning, your hair will be fresher than before and less oily. To be extra fresh, I always spray a little more through the ends of my hair to make it that much better in the morning. 

I highly, highly recommend using Batiste Dry Shampoo. It is the best, most affordable and highly rated dry shampoo that I'd recommend- and it's what I personally use! 

So, L'OREAL hair care products have come a long way and they are what I grab for most! 

If I want my hair to have a natural beachy wave to it- I use the 'Air Dry It' cream. I find its better than a mousse, in that its less sticky and less drying on your hair. This product will keep your hair moisturized and bouncy all day, without the hairdryer. 

The L'OREAL 'Boost It High Lift Spray' is perfect if you need to up your volume game. Spray this little magic potion where you need the lift, and/or gently backcomb(tease) your hair and then spray it. Voila! 

L'OREAL's 'Lock It Hairspray' is divine. But beware- it holds your hair in place pretty swiftly- so make sure your coif is how you want it before you spray- or you might have to tweak the style a bit more. 

I use the L'OREAL 'Blow Dry Primer' on my hair before I dry it. I spray some onto my palms, and massage into my hair, but not near the roots. The less product you use at the roots, the better- if you are trying to go a few days between a wash.

My most loved and most used hairdryer ever, is the Drybar 'Buttercup'. Cute name, right? It's so much more. I know- its pricey- but believe me- it's worth every single penny. Dries my hair the fastest, most efficiently and leaves it the healthiest after. I didn't realize how much of a disservice I was doing myself until I switched to the Buttercup from a drugstore dryer. Huge difference. If you care about your hair- invest in a quality hairdryer like this one.  

I popped in a Lanza product, because well, I couldn't help myself! This stuff is the I use the tiniest bit on my palms and massage into wet hair, again, skipping the roots. It makes my hair manageable and smooth, smells luxe, and helps heal/protect your hair. A little goes a long way. Even though it costs more than a drugstore product- it will last you a LONG time. If static hair is a problem in dryer temperaments, you can also use a tiny bit onto dry hair to make it silky.

Lastly, check out the Ivisibobble- available at Nordstrom, Sephora, Kohls etc. It's a great hair tie that won't crease your hair if you 'ponytail' it. For me personally, I have very thick hair and a lot of it(a blessing for sure) but when I use a traditional hair tie- its weighs on my head and causes a headache and literal hair strain pain. Anyone ever have that? My hair will literally be sore around the scalp and hurt. Who needs that?  The invisibobble prevents that completely and gives my 'pony' a super bouncy, lifted look. Worth its weight in gold, I tell ya'! 

-Lastly- Fo' Real- All the hair products in the world won't help your hair, if you aren't investing in quality haircuts and hair treatments(color processing etc). I have to give due credit to my amazing friend & stylist, Elyse- who without her, my hair would be lifeless and dull. She is a magic sorcerer and waves a magic wand every time I see her. Is that a bit dramatic?- too bad, its TRUE!! Find yourself a stylist who knows how to cut YOUR hair type and uses quality products. I know we all want to save money, but hair care is really that old saying, "you get what you pay for". 

Honorable Mention: You may want to invest in a silk or faux silk pillowcase when getting your beauty sleep. Not only is it better for your skin, as in prevents wrinkles and having your face smush all over the pillow, it is glorious for your hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help you retain your blowout or style, and leave your hair untangled in the morning. A must have if your serious about haircare! I've linked some below- but try for cheaper alternatives! 

What hair products do you guys love??

Kyle Jillian💋



 Not sponsored. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.