Flirty Kimono

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Dainty midi ring details

Kon'nichiwa! 👘
Today's blog brought to you by the traditional Japanese garment- kimono- literally meaning, "thing to wear". 

I bought my first kimono, hesitantly, 2 years ago. I was totally nervous to wear it because I had never seen anyone wearing them around where I live. Sometimes wearing unique things isn't always met with the kindest eyes. I got over that pretty quickly, and never looked back. EVER

My first kimono came from an online boutique because I couldn't find them anywhere in stores- luckily for you guys- they are now EVERYWHERE. Kimonos are readily available at all department stores, online shops and range everywhere between high and low end. I recommend not investing a lot in a kimono, just for the reason that it's a trendy piece for your closet- not a classic piece that you'll have forever. 

Pairing shirts with kimonos is relatively easy- camisoles are best, and if camis aren't your thing- v-neck t-shirts work well too. Like with most open sweaters, cardigans, or in this case- kimonos- you'll want to try to pair a v-neck of some sort with them, because you don't want the kimono and shirt to melt into each other, looking like 1 piece. You'll want the eye to differentiate between the 2 pieces. 

Also, I've mentioned on my Instagram, if you don't necessarily want to venture out wearing a kimono front and center- they make great pool day or beach cover-ups! I always bring a kimono along because its easy breezy to wear and packs into almost nothing in your suitcase. 

Midi rings have recently made it into my jewelry box and I couldn't love them more! 'Midi rings' are rings that rest on the middle of your fingers. I love the dainty look they give and how many different ways you can wear them. I've linked several different kimonos down below, along with my jean capris, shoes, rings and sunnies. Be kind to others & take care! 

Kyle Jillian💋


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