How's everyone hangin' on this Monday? I had a great weekend of relaxing, hanging with family & friends and of course, shopping! More on those finds later.Hopefully, all is well with everyone out there! 

This lace top from the Loft is divine! It's also last season(boo), it's something I found online(this year) for $9.98 at Never discount searching the sales on a retailers website- often times, you can score great finds at an outstanding price! I've linked several other feminine lace lined tops to choose from down below. When I want my outfit to look a little less basic, I tuck in the very front to my jeans, giving the outfit just a little bit of an edge. 

These Michael Kors sandals are- I'll say it- the most comfortable sandals I've ever had. Ever, ever. I highly recommend these puppies, not only are they adorable- they are stand around all day comfy. If these give out, I will definitely repurchase. These pinky/purple sunnies are also great, especially because they match this dusty pink shirt.  

What is everyone up to this week? Exciting plans or exciting outfits? 

Kyle Jillian💋


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