Helllllllo, summertime!! Let's go to the beach, babes! 🏖

Finally! Warmer weather and full discretion to spend all days off at the pool or at the beach. I like both, and here are my absolute must-haves for the occasion!! (ALL ITEMS LINKED BELOW)

1. Beach Hat- Don't forget a hat, ladies(gents too)! We need to protect our hair from the harmful UVA/UVB rays! No extra damage needed. Bonus: you don't have to do anything with your hair all day!

2. Bluetooth Speaker- Bring some tunes to the beach with a handy bluetooth speaker. Charge it up and sync it with your phone, instant DJ! It really does add a nice touch to laying out and relaxing. 

3. Cover-up/Kimono- A beach cover-up is an easy piece to wear to the beach without the hassle of changing clothes. On Instagram, I've mentioned before that I love using kimono's as cover-ups, because if you're traveling, they can do double duty as an accessory to an outfit or as a cover-up- saving room in your suitcase. 

4. Beach Bag- Everyone should bring a beach bag stocked with the essentials: water, snacks, antibacterial hand wipes, extra sunscreen, tissues, etc. Make sure its big enough to hold your beach towel too.

5. Oil Absorbing Sheets- This one may sound a bit weird, but laying in the sun and slathering on sunscreen all day will make my face look shiny. Who needs that? No one, I say, which is why its handy to have these with you. Especially if your bellying up to a beach restaurant after catching some rays. 

6. Beach Betty Swimsuits- I found these gems on, and they are amazing suits! They are made for ladies of all sizes and are at a great price point. Not only are they slimming, but the fabric smooths you out and feels great. Type in "Beach Betty" in the search bar on

7. Fun Beach Towel- I love a quirky beach towel, or one that is different from everyone else's. I've linked some fun ones below- but also check out from time to time, for some cute ones too.

8. Lip Balm- Please! Don't forget your lips at the beach, they need protection too! My favorites for the beach are Sun Bum and Blistex. (Make sure it says "SPF" on the package)

9. Swimsuits by Gianni Bini- So, Target is my choice of suits if I wanna stay on the cheaper spectrum, but if I want to splurge...Gianni Bini suits all the way. You can shop this line at, and they are some the cutest suits I've seen. They are a little more pricey(think: $90-$110-ish), but the quality is top notch. It's a suit that you would have for more than a year. (Dillard's is having a 40% off sale on swimsuits this week!)

10. S'well Water Bottle- These are high quality water bottles that keep your drink cold for 24 hours. Fashionable yet functional & Eco-friendly to boot- its a beach must have!

11. Sunglasses- Don't forget the sunnies, guys! Our eyes need just as much protection as everything else does at the beach. Make sure your sunnies are 100% UVA/UVB proof, and polarized lenses are best. 

12. Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Face Sunscreen- The perfect sunscreen for your face if your outside all day. Won't clog pores and is gentle on sensitive skin. Feels like a lotion, isn't greasy & won't break your face out! 

13. Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Sunscreen- The BEST sunscreen I've ever used. This literally glides on like a moisturizing lotion, not like a sunscreen. Leaves your skin protected, non greasy and smelling like tropical oasis. I use this stuff all the time and I LOVE it! 

*Honorable Mention- If your going to get your hair wet, and its medium to long in length- I strongly recommend using some sort of product to keep it tamed. I LOVE 'L'OREAL Air Dry It Undone Style Cream'. It softens your hair, adds shine and doesn't weigh it down. No residue left behind either.  My literal go-to when I want beachy waves without using a hairdryer. 

That's the 'best of the best' when it comes to beach must-haves, now go relax & work on your tan lines! 

Kyle Jillian💋


 Not sponsored. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.