Funky Pants With A Pop Of Red

Heyyyyy! Happy Wednesday, we are THAT much closer to another weekend! 

Today's post brought to you by these funky pants, that I'm dying over! So, obviously I've done a post on palazzo pants before, but these are my favorite pair, EVER! Does anything else scream, "give me all that summertime fun", like these pants? I didn't think so.  First of all- can we all give praise to the elastic waistband? I mean, who ever said that elastic waistband's were out, I wouldn't call a friend, I don't need that kind negativity in my wardrobe! Secondly, these puppies have shorts built in! Which, is genius really, because when you add the laser cut pants, that look lace like, you get style with comfort in the hot, hot, heat. When you walk around in these pants, the cut outs provide a nice breeze on your legs- just sayin'. You also get the option to wear shorts-but-kinda-pants-and-who-wants-to-make-decisions- y'all feel me? I picked these up at Target, for under $25.

I paired these pants with a simple red top, because the pants speak for themselves and I didn't need to add an elaborate top to define the look. Any color tank or blouse would work, but I recommend tucking your shirt in all the way or at least in the front. These pants are so flowy, that if you were to add a flowy top- it would make you appear larger than you are- and I would never do that you, babes! 

For this occasion, I paired the outfit with espadrille flatform sandals from Target, because, SUMMER!  A pop of red in the sunnies department, brings it all home. TA-DA! 

How are you funkifying(totally not a word, but ya' feel me, right?) your wardrobe this summer?! 

Kyle Jillian💋


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