Last Toast To Summer Sunshine

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You guys!!! I'm back, after a whirlwind of a time in NYC for fashion week, and some much needed time to recoup & reboot- #hereweare. I will fill everyone in on all things NWFW soon enough, but until then, let's dive in! 

Summer is SOO close to being over, but temps around the country are still pretty seasonal, so let's pretend it's not the end of summer and we can still bask in the sunshine like it 'ain't nobodies bidness'! 

I am a sucker for all things nautically striped. This dress is ruched (gathered) at the side, which makes it super convenient to wear to dinner. If you're anything like my friends and I, you definitely have a food baby after a delicious meal (y'all feel me??) and this dress hides it perfectly! Another great feature is that this dress is doubly lined, making it opaque,  which is so great because I can't stand when white clothing is transparent. I also would have no problem pairing this dress for fall, with a moto jacket, boots/booties & hat.

My shoes and bag are both from Steve Madden. I must sound like a broken record, but I truly LOVE all things Madden! From the comfort, to the design, and price point- he can do no wrong in my fashion eyes. I picked up some new Madden in NYC- stay tuned! 

Okay- back to all things blog related and hustlin' for fashion! More to come..muah! 💕

Kyle Jillian💋

P.S.- I've had a lot of question's about my hair, if you're in the WNY area, I go to Elyse at Salon Da'Voe- she's the MASTER of hair. Do yourself a favor, give her a buzz & tell her I sent you! 📱 716-276-8423 🙋

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