Best At Home Teeth Whitening

Does at home teeth whitening work? Let's find out!
When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their professional whitening system, I was timid. "At home, whitening", I thought? I had already done professional in-office whitening, and even tried a prescribed at home whitening regimen years back. I was happy with the results. Later in the day I glanced at my smile, and my teeth had yellowed a bit over the years. First, let me warn you: whitening toothpaste, chewing gum and rinses will not whiten your teeth they way they advertise! Don't even bother. So when I corresponded with Smile Brilliant, I was interested in the whole process, already knowing what goes into it at a dental office. 

First, Smile Brilliant sends you a nice box of impression material, trays, instructions- and depending on what kit is best for you- desensitizing gel and whitening gel.

I do not have sensitive teeth regularly, but, when I had whitened in the past- my poor teeth were SO sensitive. It actually made me stop the whitening process early. The kit I received included desensitizing gel, which was a lifesaver!! Not one time in the two week process did I have any inkling of sensitivity, at all! What a gigantic relief- if you have sensitive teeth, I know y'all feel me. After taking my own impressions at home- don't get psyched out, its SO EASY- I was sent my custom fitted teeth whitening trays that were made in a dental laboratory. I started whitening and saw results RIGHT AWAY. The amazing piece of this puzzle is that you only have to wear the trays for about an hour and some change, whatever you're comfortable with (Smile Brilliant recommends whitening from 45 min to 3 hours maximum). The whitening process in a dental office requires you to either sleep with the trays in all night, or use a higher percentage of the solution and wear the trays for 1-2 hours. Be forewarned though, the higher the solution, the more chance of tooth sensitivity issues. I was super happy with my results and will go back and use my trays and left over solution probably once a year to freshen up my smile again. I would highly recommend this professional at home whitening system. I will also tell you: if you have bonding/fillings/caps/crowns/veneers/bridge work/removable's- those will not whiten, and will stay the original color that was selected.



Not too shabby, eh?

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Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering with me and sponsoring this post! 

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