Easy Fall Outfit

Hey, Heyyyy! Fall fashion is in full gear here in New York, and I'm starting to bust out the real fall attire, like flannels and booties. This flannel was picked up at Target a few seasons ago, but believe me, each fall season every store basically has the same twist on buffalo plaid, which is traditionally red & black. Sometimes, I like to pop the collar for an added twist. Popping the collar gets so much attention in fashion like it's a faux pas or something. Either you like to pop or not...some can pull it off, some can't. Now, I'm not leaving the house wearing double Lacoste polo's that are brighter than the sun but there is a time and place when they can be fashionably acceptable. Those times are- anytime! It's acceptable anytime you want because you make the rules in fashion and you can go with what makes you happy. Simple as that. Do what makes you happy and/or makes you feel "you"..confident! 

My jeans are Kancan brand and are from the online store Vici. If trying on jeans in person is your thing, try going to Buckle stores, they sell a great selection of Kancan jeans in the store. My booties were a steal from Shoetopia. They have trendy shoes at a great price point. When it comes to fall fashion, I think of neutrals, plaids, layers and darker toned clothes. Of course that doesn't mean that's what you have to wear...because fashion is all about breaking the rules and wearing what makes you feel great.