Fri-Yay Faves

Whoop, whoop...its Friday, or Friyay, as I like to say! In today's post, I'm going to cover some of the things I'm crushing on lately. If y'all like these kinds of posts- leave a comment below! 

Blanket Scarves For Fall/Winter- A scarf is always a necessary accessory for the colder months. Whether I'm detailing my outfit for style or for warmth- these are a must have! Forever 21 has the cutest styles for the best prices..most are $15 or under! 

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Polish- This is my absolute go-to for pedicures year round, and one of my faves for manicures in the fall. It is a super dark purply almost black polish that looks so luxe, and wears well. 

Crossbody Purse- I love a cross body purse, and Target has rolled out a new line called, A New Day. I bought this red purse and it is so great. This holds more than it looks like, has 3 pockets and is very light. I snagged this lil' beauty for my trip to Las Vegas. 

L'Oreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation- I lovet getting the most out of my makeup routine and being competitive with pricing. We are all on some kind of budget, right? I tried this foundation on a whim, and I am so pleased with its performance! This wears well, is full coverage,  lasts all day, hides shine and comes in an array of shades. Not a bad find for under $10!
*Pro Tip- When buying makeup at Target, be aware that you can try it after you buy it, and return it or exchange it if the color isn't right for you. 

Express Jeans- I haven't bought jeans from Express in years, always telling myself none of the sizes were right for me. It wasn't until I took a half hour in store and tried different sizes and types of jeans on that I found my perfect fit. For my body type, a straight leg jean is more flattering than a skinny. I was also pleasantly surprised that most of their jeans don't stretch out too much while wearing them. 
*Pro Tip- Make sure to pick jeans with a cotton percentage under 80% if you don't want your jeans to stretch a size while wearing them.