friyay faves

We made it! It's Friyay! Here are some of my faves..

A great read to feel self-empowered and remind yourself that you are badass, and meant for greatness. Written by the talented Jen Sincero, the book will keep you giggling and reassure your purpose. A great & easy read.

I use this kit almost every week, sometimes I don't get to it, and I regret not making time for it. It takes about a half hour to do a proper gel manicure on myself, and I always love the results. I keep the manicure on for at least week, after that it's easy to remove. 

These are the softest flannel shirts and under $20, what more do you need to know?

I used these for my last vacation and as a person who hates packing, these were awesome! I was able to compartmentalize all of clothes, shoes, accessories & toiletries.  It was much easier using these bags to find what I was looking for each day and saved so much room in my suitcase for souvenirs. 

This is not a joke, repeat: NOT A JOKE! 'Late owling' it one night while on vacay, I saw the commercial for this pillow. I've seen it a hundred times before, but this time it spoke to me. I ordered it, and it's the best pillow. I never know what pillow to buy, based on firmness and/or what position I sleep in. I could never imagine spending $49 on a pillow, but this soft cloud is pure magic and a dream weaver!