High-End Beauty Faves

It has been a while since I've done a beauty post, so I thought I would do my high-end beauty faves. My last makeup faves were mostly drugstore and that post can be found here.  

This scent can be worn by men & women and gives off an exhilarating scent of musk and vanilla. The Maison Margiela collection transports you to another time, I swear.  This scent will either remind you of a time well had or a place you haven't been before but are searching for.

This is such a great fall shade lipstick. It's on the muted beige-pink tone. It has a satin finish and I love layering it with the Tom Ford lipstick down below.   

This is my favorite shadow to wear as a blending shade, just above the eyelid. It blends perfectly for a classic look or a smokier eye. Glides on without fallout.

This is another go-to shade for fall and winter. My makeup changes with the seasons and the last thing I want are pinky summer cheeks in the fall. I love to blend this one with Giorgio Armani blush, listed below.

I love this mascara, it is so dark and blacks out your lashes. It doesn't get clumpy when you apply more than one coat and the brush has a handle that you can adjust how curved you want the wand to be, so neat! 

This lip liner is all sorts of amazing. Its great for all skin tones and is the perfect nude pink shade, that will make your lips appear plumper. Sometimes I line my lips and fill them in with just this liner, it's that good!

This lip liner is great if you're going for a darker fall lip, and not so pink. It still has nude undertones in it, which will enhance your lips. This liner doesn't skip or drag along the lips either. 

This, hands down is the BEST blush I've ever used. EVER. This is a powder blush that applies so thin but so pigmented. Not to mention, its quite nude- it won't give you clown cheeks, but a natural cheek contour and highlight. 

This shade is new from Tom Ford and I know, it's pricey. There is a reason for that though, the quality of this lipstick is unmatched and it is the best I've ever tried. Besides the fact that it IS the perfect pink nude, this formula is the only kind that hasn't dried my lips out. 

Don't be scared by the name, it's just a nice way of saying you're setting your concealer to last all day.
I am always looking for a concealer to hide my undereye, and most just don't get the job done. I knew this formula was different when I applied it, it's thick but creamy- and when blended in and used with the setting powder, it's amazing. Highly recommend.