Playing with Styles

How about dis' outfit? I love that it's a mix of boho peasantry and chic. It's all about mixing up, and experimenting with different styles, and seeing what works. You don't always have to be a slave to what has been accepted in the past..make your own rules! 

My top is from Express, and they have been so on point with their clothes lately. They are having a huge sale right now, 40% off jeans and sweaters! I love how this top has peasant sleeves with a bell sleeve twist. The detailed colors and scoop neck make it oh-so-different. It cinches at the waist a bit, giving an overall slimming effect. My jeans are from a brand called Kancan, and I'm obsessed. You can find them at Buckle. They fit and wash well & have just the right amount of distressing. I mixed this outfit up a bit with my shoes. These mules really give off a more sophisticated look, one that you necessarily wouldn't pair with distressed jeans and a boho top, but adding these mules gives the outfit just a bit of edginess and style that would otherwise fall flat. These are from, ready for it?..Target

Take chances and be a bit more edgy with your looks, whether its in your accessories or clothes. Experiment!