Sunflower Fields

How gorgeous are these flowers? 🌻 I love that we found a field of sunflowers to take pictures in because you know #basic. Haha, I do what I want. I am so obsessed with olive green pants for fall, always have been and I'm fortunate they never go out of style. These are the perfect ankle length and could also be tucked into a tall boot. It was abnormally warm this day, so I paired them with an off the shoulder top that has some fall colors in the details. I wore this shirt in the summertime, but remember- we want our clothes to transition as much as possible from season to season. I love how the white plays again the darker toned pants. So, in the field, I decided to wear a small heeled shoe because that seemed really stupid practical. Then later in the day, I wore some flats for shopping. I came to my senses. A day well spent. All items linked below ↓