Friyay Faves

Hey, loves! Happy Friday! We made it, another week down. This weekend is jam packed with fun stuff, and next week I'm off to California for the week. Let's do dis'..

Duster jackets are so on trend right now. When the weather is that iffy point of in between freezing and warm, I love to throw on a duster. They aren't bulky, won't over heat you but will keep you warm.  I always order mine from Boohoo, even though they are international. They always ship fast and the quality is amazing. Also, everything is always on sale! 

Y'all, it happened again- I got sucked into an infomercial! Good thing I love my purchase. So this mirror is for use anywhere, runs on batteries, double sided with magnification and is super bright. I'm going to be using it for travel because the mirror space and hotel lighting is neverrrrr what I need. This is like traveling with my vanity mirror I use at home. Under $20, and free shipping.

This sweater is cozy, cute and under $20- what more do you need to know- oh, it's from Target. You're welcome!

These are by far, my two favorite online shops. Elle's Closet Boutique is owned by the sweetest most adorable babe, and carries a variety of clothes & accessories that I covet every time I'm on her site. I just placed an order tonight, and I cannot wait to get it! Vici is a west coast store that also carries the latest fashions and trendy clothes. Both have fast shipping and sales often. 

This "tee" is more like a sweater, and is so cozy & flattering! This weekend, buy one get one for $19.90!

This show. I started watching last year and it hooked me right in. This year we are still waiting to find out what happened to Jack, and learn more about the complexity of their relationships. Must watch Tuesday night TV.