Friyay Faves

What's up, babes? Another Friyay is upon us...holllllaaaaa! This weekend I'll be traveling back to NY,    leaving Cali behind, for now. Here are my faves, right now.

I have been looking for a different bag for a bit, but nothing had been catching my attention. Obs, when you walk into Nordstrom, that changes. This bag is such a freakin' gem. It's my first Vince bag, and I am LOVING it. It's the softest leather I've ever felt, has magnetic closures and this bag's color is errrrythangggg, right now. 

This. scent! Y'all, Tom Ford is known for his classic fragrances and classy collections. This Eau de Parfum is amazingggg. I can't get enough of it. It is such a warm & musky scent, that actually lasts. FYI- an Eau de toilette will be fragrant but not last as long as a parfum.

Whenever I'm traveling I love to pick up a piece of jewelry that will remind me of my trip. We found these Cali bracelets, and they are the perfect memento to bring me back to great memories.

Tom's are classic traveling shoe for me. Not flatfooted Tom's though, for me they are too blah. Yesterday, I bought my second pair of these desert wedges because I forgot to pack mine from home, it worked out though- they were 25% off and I needed a new pair anyway. Literally, probably my comfiest shoes and the wedge elongates your legs and adds a touch of sass.

I am new these puppies, but my girlfriend brought one for us. This runs on batteries and has sounds like ocean waves, rain, white noise etc. I never thought that I would like it, but it's oddly soothing and really does help you get a good night's sleep. Hotels can be noisy, and this helps to reduce the sound from around. 

Weekend sales

Being veterans weekend, sales are hoppin' so why not take advantage? More importantly, THANK YOU to all those who serve/served for our benefit. Not enough "thank you's" can be given.
Here are some of my faves:

Loft- 40% off everything
Nordstrom- up to 40% off
Express- 40% off everything
Sephora- VIB sale 20%