Girly Travel Outfit

I have the travel bug, I love to explore and try new things. One thing that I understand, is that staying comfortable is key while traveling. I don't care how killer your new outfit and shoes are if you're walking a mile in them..good luck. It's all about balance, and accessorizing so you don't bring your entire closet. I love my travel style to reflect me, and I never want to appear too touristy. This outfit is a great example of giving your style balance while traveling. First of all, I was in Las Vegas, and Vegas is all about walking, which is why I picked up these UGG sneaks. Not only are they so comfortable but they are cute as well. If you're trying to balance your style on vacay, skip the big training sneakers you'd wear to the gym and opt for a sleeker, less bulky shoe. This will take up less space in your suitcase, but more importantly- let your feet breathe. My UGG's have tiny little vent holes in them, allowing air flow- therefore, keeping your tired tootsies in better shape for the long haul of the day. Also, have you checked out Targets sneakers, lately? This is the perfect place to score a great walking shoe- they even have sneaks similar to Yeezy's and they are under $35. Also, a knit sneaker looks a little more dressed up than walking around broadcasting a company logo. 

My jeans are a stretch material, which means they move with you- and don't sag down after a couple of hours, nor stretch out. This is so important! Find a pair of jeans that have a cotton percentage less than 72%- this is the magic number- if you buy a pair of jeans that have a percentage higher than 72, your jeans will stretch a size out. The last thing I want to do all day is police my jeans because they don't fit properly. You could really go with any shirt you feel comfortable with, for me, that's a girly tee. My eyelash tee was from Jane and under $20. Also, don't be afraid to carry a light jacket with you, just tie it around your waist when not wearing it- go right ahead, I promise it's in style again.

 A big thing for me when traveling is: accessories make the outfit! Even though I want to, I can't bring my whole closet and sometimes I've tried to- BUT- accessorizing adds a pizzazz to your outfit without having to bring everything you own. I love to bring dangly & tasseled earrings, lots of fun bracelets, necklaces and of course, purses. I picked this purse up in Vegas. It's a Betsy Johnson, and was under $100! It was cuteness overload when I first saw it, and just so happens to match my entire outfit. I also attached my Kate Spade pouf to it, because the devil is in the details. Doing things like this set you apart from everyone else, and also represents who you are. I am always most comfortable when I get to be "me". Lastly, because life vacation wears me out, I always grab cafe au lait wherever I am. Tim Hortons & Starbucks is great, but my absolute favorite coffee shop is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Their coffee is outstanding, and I usually get a caramel latte to keep me going. If you see one try it! 

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