Faux Leather Skirt

Hey, Y'all!!! I shopped so hard on Monday, I think I burned out my MacBook, kidding...or am I??

Temps were in the 60's yesterday, and when that happens in November you pull out a few outfits that you'd otherwise freeze your butt off in at this time of the year. Holla for faux anything these days. I picked this faux leather skirt up at the LOFT. I knew I wanted to pair this skirt with a velvet bodysuit I got from Express because the skirt is really supposed to be cinched around the higher part of your waist. A bodysuit fits that bill perfectly because of how flat it lays against the body. Can we all rejoice that bodysuits are back in vogue BTW, I loved them as a kid and I am just as excited to wear them now! Even though it was warm enough to wear this outfit without a cardigan, I paired it with a cardi because of the season. If you wanted to- you could also wear this skirt in the summer, but pairing it with a light cami or non-velvet bodysuit would suit the season better. Also, you would skip the booties for a pair of strappy sandals. However, being the season that it is, these booties are perfect for this outfit and nicely show off your gams. 

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