Leopard Booties

Animal print booties are everywhere this season, and I am so happy to have found these in Vegas, of course. They are Qupid brand and are soooo comfortable, and under $30. A win in anyone's playbook. I was so excited to pair them with my Tory Burch leopard belt, and Kate Spade pouf on my purse. I won't even try to defend the pouf purchase, it won me over in the store because at heart I'm a crazy cat lady cat lover who couldn't resist an overpriced piece of fluff, but it is cute so whatev's. I thought the leopard ensem would go well with a darker jean and fall toned shirt, this one being in olive. I love this shirt because it has separate sleeves, which means the off the shoulder part won't ride up on you. Also, I wore this shirt in the summertime, so I love that it's pulling double duty- and it's on sale for less than $27! I found these green earrings that matched perfectly at Charming Charlie and adorable accessory store that has so.much.inventory. I love this outfit so much! 

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