Moto & Sequins

Who doesn't love sequins? A lot of people I'll assume because they can be a tad flashy. Who would pair them with moto faux leather leggings? Again, not many. BUT- look how adorable it all comes together! I love mixing and playing around with different textiles. The added touch of animal print?...I think it's divine and different, just exactly what I like. Fashion is all about being yourself and wearing what makes you happy. This outfit makes me happy in the best way! 

Moto leggings, in general, are exceptional pants to are able to dress them up for parties and wear them casually. These are Dex brand, and they are the so comfy. I've linked many other moto leggings down below. I paired it with a "tissue" turtleneck. All that means is it's a very thin turtleneck. I love turtlenecks but tend to stay away from them because they are often too bulky for my liking. These pants are very silhouette flattering, and the last thing I wanted was a bulky shirt ruining the esthetic. Best part?... it's $25! 
I added an animal print belt by Tory Burch and matching booties. Now, this beret- I loved it the moment I saw it and HAD to have it. I'm a hat lover and have always worn berets and the fact that this was sequined made it so much fun to pair with this outfit. I love the end result! 

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