Rent The Runway With Me

This weekend I had the absolute honor to attend a Firehall Installation of officers and awards banquet. I have so many passionate friends that are volunteer firefighters, and I loved being able to see them amongst their peers. When finding an outfit to wear to such an event, I oftentimes will buy a dress locally, hope that no one else will wear it and repeat to myself.."I will wear this again". Which is always a lie. It will sit in the back of my closet, banished because it's already been worn and then it'll go in the donate pile. 

I've heard of Rent The Runway before. It's an online service that has over 100,000 different DESIGNER pieces to rent. You pick what outfit you want, when you need it and get a second sizing for free. They send it to you, you wear it and return it to them. They even take care of the dry cleaning. Also, highly recommended- spend the $5 on insurance- this will protect you from any spills or accidents. The process couldn't be easier.

This jumpsuit, which caught my eye right away, was the wonderful magic of my lovely lady, Jen. Upon seeing it, she said that was what I had to order...and boy, she was right on the mark. The designer was Lovers + Friends, and the jumpsuit name is the Justin jumpsuit. It was $35 to rent this outfit- you guys...$35!! Try finding a semi-formal dress for that price. Both sizes fit well, but I went with the medium because I wanted to wear high heels with it. This little outfit of magic was divine and I cannot begin to tell you all the kind words it garnered. I cannot wait to rent the runway again. Also, look for a promo code- upon signing up to the website or app- you will receive a 20% off code. Not a bad way to start off. If you're really booked with events for a month or so- you can also pay $99(limited time special) and get unlimited rentals for 1 month. That sounds amazing for wedding season coming up. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed! Have a great week! 

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